Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.
— Steve Jobs


Take two friends obsessed with great-tasting milk tea made with real ingredients. Mix that with a single dream to reinterpret the familiar boba milk tea with unexpected, industry-shaking twists, and BAM! You have Milk Box®Keep reading.


The idea was born only after an extensive search for milk tea made with organic and honest ingredients left us thirsty. We found that most shops made their drinks with questionable ingredients like mysterious powders and artificial flavors.  We wanted a healthier option. We wanted real ingredients. So we created Milk Box® for people like us that care not only about quality ingredients, but also about the origin of the ingredients, and how their actions affect the environment.


The image of a milk box is our motivation. A nostalgic image of childhood, pure, simple, fun, and happiness. An image we are using as fuel behind our mission to share our passion for milk tea, and winning hearts and minds one cup at a time. Riding shotgun in this quest are three values and they are: qualitytransparency, and social and environmental performance.


Keeping it real

Artificial flavors? Mysterious powders? Not here. We are committed to quality. We use lactose-free milk from Organic Valley®, almond milk from Califia Farms®, organic teas from certified trusted tea farms, and In The Raw® turbinado sugar for our house-made simple syrup. We know you're just like us and have cravings every now and then. That's why we make our milk-teas with all real ingredients. Now you can enjoy a guilt-free milk-tea anytime! #keepingitreal


what you see is what you get

Our entire kitchen design is a reflection of our commitment to transparency. You can see exactly what goes into your drink through our kitchen window. Just like our transparent kitchen layout, we are committed to being transparent and honest with you. Go ahead. Don’t be afraid to ask. #rethinkyourdrink


We care that you care

Delivering happiness is our mission, but just as important is how we do it. We are committed to always working harder to ensure our decisions will not exploit animals, the environment, or people. Our children will have to live on this earth even after we are gone. Let’s leave this place how we found it. Everyday is Earth Day. #drinkresponsibly #noshortcut


Because we serve the best milk teas in the world. We understand it’s a matter of personal preference, but we truly believe that we handcraft the best milk teas. Don’t take our word for it. Come give us a try. Our promise to you is that you will love your drink or it’s on the house.

P.S., While we know we won’t always do everything right - we are humans after all. Please know that we are committed to making it right. We genuinely value your feedback - be it negative or positive. So please let us know how we can serve you better.

Meet the Creators of Milk Box®

Two entrepreneurs with one common goalto get milk-tea lovers to rethink what theyre drinking unite to shake and stir things up with healthier alternatives that are better for the body, good for the Earth.

Robert Hoang

Robert began working at an early age to help his single mom, a Vietnamese refugee, support their family. Growing up, healthy and nutritious food wasn’t always a priority. After having his own family, junk food was public enemy number one. Nutritious, organic, and non-GMO food became a lifestyle. His unwillingness to compromise food quality lead to the Milk Box™ concept. One day, his kids asked for a sip of his milk tea. Uncertain of the ingredients in the drink, Robert said no. Then it hit him: "How about a healthier option that kids (and adults) can enjoy without the guilt?” …

Truong Kim

Truong, a creative entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast, and a lover of food. His quest to become more fit was a challenge as good-tasting food and drinks kept getting in the way. Determined, he had to find a way he could fit his favorite food and drinks in his life. He started learning all about nutrition. Wary of the ingredients in the milk teas he drank daily from different shops, he started making his own milk teas, made with all real ingredients. The homemade milk teas tasted so good, he realized he had to share it with the world...

and so, Milk Box® was born!