• Essential Job Functions

    1. SM must manage inventory and provide 2 days (48hr) notice to Rob/Truong when supplies/inventory are low and needed.

    2. If milk, HnH, whipping cream, juice, or extract is needed - it's the SM's responsibility to pick up from Whole Foods. If SM is unable to pick up, SM must designate someone to pick up. Use cash from till and document spreadsheet. Then upload receipt to Manager Shared Folder.

    3. SM must keep Inventory spreadsheet updated per “SM - Inventory Procedure”.

    4. SM to purchase small ware and supplies from Amazon. All SM will be provided with Amazon credentials. Rob/Truong will inform SM of budget/allowance.

    5. SM to ensure all towels are taken home and washed.

    6. SM must deposit cash immediately next day at closing.

    7. SM to conduct all interviewing, hiring, and training.

    8. SM must keep spreadsheet of all training completed by staff and update spreadsheet.

    9. SM to ensure all staff receive all mandatory training.

    10. SM must upload all job application/resumes to personnel file

    11. SM must obtain availability from staff no later than the 10th of every month for scheduling 15th until end of month.

    12. SM must obtain availability no later than the 25th of every month for scheduling 1st until the 15th of the following month.

    13. SM must have schedule published no later than the 13th of every month for the 15th until end of month.

    14. SM must have schedule published no later than the 29th of every month for the 1st until the 15th of the following month.

    15. SM must adjust or fix staff clock-in and clock-out times nightly.

    16. SM must review and correct timesheets by Sunday midnight of each week.

    17. SM must cover Open Shifts if staff unable to cover and work shifts that Staff is unable to work.

    18. SM will document on spreadsheet if or when money is needed from till to purchase supplies.

    19. Any and all changes to posted schedule must be approved by SM.

    20. If change for drawer is needed, SM is responsible for obtaining change.

    21. SM must ensure people not working or off the clock do not touch the POS.

    22. SM must provide a physical copy of updated procedures/recipe form for each staff member to acknowledge and sign. Updates form will be left in the shop for each staff to read and sign as they are on shift. Then the SM will upload a copy of the signed sheet to Google Drive.

    23. Mandatory monthly face to face meeting between:

      • SM, Truong and Robert

      • SM and all staff

    24. Notes from meeting must be uploaded to Google Drive.

    Position Requirements

    • Organized, flexible and capable of multitasking in a fast-paced environment

    • Able to work full time (40 hours+) and be flexible on covering staff’s shifts (as well as work SM’s assigned shifts and Open shifts) when needed

    • Excellent verbal communication, written communication and interpersonal skills

    • Proactive, creative, resourceful, and adaptive in any situation

    • Knowledgeable in regards to organizing, inventory knowledge, Health Department rules and regulation knowledge

    • Ability to work well with internal and external people

    • Ability to work independently as well as with a team

    • Ability to lead staff

    • Willingness to drive and travel

    • Has Food Handlers Certificate

    • Experience with computers and comfortable with technology

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